grand prize again at national university student e-凯发游戏

 grand prize again at national university student e-凯发游戏
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grand prize again at national university student e-commerce "innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship" challenge competition-southwest jiaotong university

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swjtu’s qicheng team ranked among the national top 3 once again and won the grand prize (second place) at the national final of the 10th national university student e-commerce "innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship" challenge competition held   from august 21stto august 22nd. it is the third time that the honour has been bestowed upon the university, and we have also   reaped at the competition the highest number of grand prizes in the country.

following victories in a series of preliminaries, swtjuers, on behalf of all the universities in sichuan province, joined the unprecedented event with a total of 65,119 teams and more than 300,000 participants from 31 provinces, municipalities and      autonomous regions, and won the national “best creative award”, “best innovation award”, “best entrepreneurship award”, “best instructor award” and many others. professor miao miao from the school of economics and management was granted the    honorary title of “prominent instructor”.

the national university student e-commerce "innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship" challenge competition is supervised by the ministry of education of the people’s republic of china and sponsored by the steering committee of college e-commerce education. it is also an important indicator for the evaluation of the quality of innovative and entrepreneurial talent training in universities across the country in the "national university discipline competition ranking list" issued by the china higher education association.

since the commencement of preparation for the competition last year, the dean’s office and school of economics and management organized the university-level preliminaries, offered special training sessions to the contestants, and deployed a team of internal and external instructors led by professor miao. despite of the extreme adverse conditions caused by the epidemic, professors and instructors of the university provided online training to the contestants, helped students improve their work, and invited the directors and deputy directors of the national competition organizing committee and the well-known domestic instructors to supervise the preparation on line.

the students of the award-winning team have learned the course of “innovation, entrepreneurship and youth” offered by prof. miao at the school of economics and management, at which prestigious teachers in the innovation and entrepreneur field from various colleges and areas are invited to give lectures, and both the chinese and english moocs of the course are released on line.

with the deepening of reform on innovation and entrepreneurship education, the university has in recent years promoted the development of curriculum system, built practice platform, and offered different types of innovation and entrepreneurship services. in addition, we have streamlined teaching, research, theoretical learning, and practical training processes, and established pimc, a complete education system of innovation and entrepreneurship, integrating both the "ecological chain and method chain" in the four dimensions of perception, idea, make and commercialization. in february 2020, our university ranked 12th in china with 494 awards and a total score of 92.62 in the national general university competition evaluation results 2015-2019 (undergraduate, top300) released by the china higher education association.

about the award winning team

winner of national grand prize – qicheng.

members: wei ning (school of economics and management), chen qiaoyu (school of economics and management), liu meitong (school of economics and management), yang hanchun (school of geosicence and environmental engineering), and wang yixin (school of humanities).

supervisor: miao miao (school of economics and management).

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