sem of swjtu passes amba re-凯发游戏

 sem of swjtu passes amba re-凯发游戏
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sem of swjtu passes amba re-accreditation

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on october 18, 2019, the association of mbas (amba) officially announced that school of economics and management (sem) of southwest jiaotong university (swjtu) had successfully been re-accredited. this is the second amba accreditation of sem since 2016.

sem became a member of amba in 2014 and obtained the accreditation certification in 2015. in early 2016, the school submitted the self-audit report (sar) and entered the site visiting stage. in september of the same year, the school was officially accredited by amba. in june 2019, the school submitted the sar and entered the site visiting stage of re-accreditation.

on july 11-12, 2019, amba expert panel headed by professor steef van de velde, member of amba board of directors, arrived at sem for a two-day visit. the panel also includes: professor bodo schlegelmilch, chairman of amba board of directors; professor wang zhongming, amba china region consultant; and mr. george iliev, director of china region and marketing development.

on july 11, the panel held informal talks with school leaders, visited teaching facilities, offices and laboratories, and reviewed accreditation materials. in the afternoon, the panel came to administration building of xi pu campus and had a talk with president yang dan.

on july 12, the panel held talks with school leaders, directors of degree education centers and staff to get a full understanding of the school’s operation in the past three years. at 5:00 pm, prof. steef van de velde, head of the panel, gave feedback on the visit. all leadership team of the school and centers, and other related staff attended the meeting. the panel highly praised the sustaining development of the school over the past three years, the pioneering work of mba blended mode and other achievements.

sem’s successful amba re-accreditation not only tested the continuous improvement of mba program in the past three years, but also sorted out and guided the next steps of mba program and the school, which is of great significance for sem mba program to further enhance its influence, keep innovating and develop sustainably.

founded in 1967, amba is one of the three authoritative international accreditation systems for global business schools, along with the association to advance collegiate schools of business (aascb) and european quality improvement system (equis). amba is the only one of the three accreditation systems that certifies mba and related programs. its membership covers all key stakeholders of mba program, including renowned business schools, mba students, alumni and employers.