lecture: organizational paradox research: west meets east-凯发游戏

 lecture: organizational paradox research: west meets east-凯发游戏
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lecture: organizational paradox research: west meets east

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time: 14:30, october 09
conference number: tencent conference 231 918 233

event details:

lecturer: professor li xin

about the lecturer:

li xin, male, born in 1977, ph.d., is currently an assistant professor at copenhagen business school, denmark. his research fields include corporate strategy, international business, management paradox, and chinese local management research. he has published more than 30 papers in chinese and english in "journal of management", "nankai management review international edition", "foreign economics and management", "chinese culture and management", "academy of management review", "management and organization review", "asia pacific journal of management",  "asia pacific business review", "cross cultural & strategic management" and other domestic and foreign academic journals, and read more than 40 conference papers at international academic conferences such as aom, aib, sms, egos, iacmr, etc. . he has served as a member of editors of many well-known international management journals. in 2015, he received a research grant of 1.32 million dkk from the danish carlsberg foundation to independently study the international catch-up phenomenon of chinese latecomers.

about the lecture:

in this seminar, i will talk about how to integrate chinese and western perspectives on organizational paradox research. his talk will cover following topics: (1) how did he enter into this research field? (2) is chinese yin-yang philosophy the best thought or tool for paradox research? (3) how do the authoritative scholars treat chinese yin-yang philosophy in organizational paradox literature? (4) what are the inspirations of other philosophical thinking for paradox research? and (5) the impact of the chinese yi-jing thinking on the development of my scent framework of paradoxical integration.