lecture: research on consumer behavior in online knowledge payment-凯发游戏

 lecture: research on consumer behavior in online knowledge payment-凯发游戏
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lecture: research on consumer behavior in online knowledge payment

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date: october 9th, 2021

time: 14:00 pm

venue: room 0411, teaching building 0#, jiuli campus

event details:

lecturer: associate professor zhang jin

about the lecturer:

zhang jin is an associate professor and doctoral supervisor at the school of business, renmin university of china. he is currently the deputy director of the department of management science and engineering in renmin university of china, and a council member of the chinese society of information economics and a member of the chinese branch of the information system society. he received phd degree in management in 2013, a master of engineering in 2009, and a bachelor of engineering from tsinghua university in 2006. he won the ministry of education's outstanding achievement award for scientific research in institutions of higher learning, and the beijing outstanding achievement award for philosophy and social sciences. he has published more than 30 academic papers in important domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences, including four utd 24 journal papers. he presided over three national natural science foundation projects, one of which was rated as “excellent” in the assessment of the national natural science foundation of china. he led the team to complete a number of government and corporate projects in the automotive, telecommunications, media, and internet industries. his main teaching and research areas include artificial intelligence and digital economy, big data analysis and management, machine learning and business intelligence, etc..

about the lecture:

the subject of the report is “from free to paid: research on the influencing factors of consumer satisfaction of online knowledge paid”.