congratulations to sem for 2019 chengdu outstanding undergraduate student branch, graduate student branch and staff-凯发游戏

 congratulations to sem for 2019 chengdu outstanding undergraduate student branch, graduate student branch and staff-凯发游戏
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congratulations to sem for 2019 chengdu outstanding undergraduate student branch, graduate student branch and staff

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chengdu students union officially launched the selection of 2019 chengdu outstanding undergraduate student union (graduate student union), 2019 outstanding undergraduate student branch (graduate student branch) and 2019 outstanding staff of undergraduate student union (graduate student union) in december 2019. after arrangement and application, university initial evaluation publicity and municipal evaluation, the undergraduate student union and postgraduate association of school of economics and management (sem), as well as student cadres wang wenli and zhang beibei, were awarded chengdu outstanding undergraduate student branch, outstanding graduate student branch and outstanding staff of undergraduate student branch (graduate student union) respectively.

sem undergraduate student union is a mass organization that represents and serves students under the guidance of sem party committee and youth league committee. it is also an official student organization affiliated to sem youth league committee.

the undergraduate student union aims at promoting the development of college students’ comprehensive qualities as its main working direction, advocating students' rights and interests, organizing and carrying out student activities, serving students in all aspects of their life, and building the most solid bridge between the school and students. it has successfully held a variety of popular recreational and sports activities among students such as welcome evening party, basketball match, dormitory cultural construction month and creative planning contest for many years, and recently the 15th “love music” campus singer challenge. in addition, it also collects proposals extensively, giving full play to the role of communication hub between students and the school and protecting students' rights and interests.

the union has been awarded the honorary title of “swjtu top ten student union” for 13 consecutive years. its members have won many awards in various national, provincial and university-level scientific innovation and cultural and sports competitions. more than half of the members are winners of national scholarship, special scholarship and comprehensive scholarship.

bo hui, current instructor of the undergraduate student union, commented that the students have affection, thinking, sense of responsibility and accountability, and they always serve students and put students' rights and interests first. they take every activity seriously to build the brand of the union. it is because of these hard-working members that the union is full of vitality and youthfulness.

postgraduate association of school of economics and management (sempa) was established in 2000. it has three presidium members and five departments, namely, academic exchange department, general affairs department, public relations department, network publicity department and new media center, with a total of 56 members. it is a student organization of self-management, self-service and self-education, composed of graduate students under the guidance of sem youth league committee and the leadership of the school party committee. the aim of sempa is to serve the central work of the school and the growth of graduate students. sempa plays an irreplaceable role in improving comprehensive quality and strengthening self-education of graduate students. it is a stage to show demeanor, a platform to enhance communication, and a spiritual home and harbor for graduate students.

the current sempa instructor, ms. jia jia, praised that the association is a big family of solidarity and friendship, adhering to the purpose of serving graduate students, and carrying out a variety of activities on their academic and employment needs. she said, “the most gratifying thing for me is that sempa has a good inheritance mode and an atmosphere of mutual help. there is no sense of hierarchy. everyone is equal and accommodating, active to give suggestions for the development of the association.

the outstanding student cadre, wang wenli, is currently vice president of sem undergraduate student union. she took an active part in various activities, persisted solidly in work to the youth’s needs, actively responded to the calls of the central chinese communist youth league and all-china students' federation, implemented the reform plan of the university youth league committee, and elaborately operated voice of youth zone in sem undergraduate student union wechat official account. she has made substantial achievements in student work and won the title of “2018-2019 swjtu outstanding student cadre”. in terms of academic performance, she ranked first in the comprehensive quality assessment in her major, and was awarded “2019 swjtu merit student”. all the nine courses of her double degree in law were excellent. in april 2019, she led her team to participate in university-level srtp project “research and modeling of influencing factors of users' loyalty to video applications”. she participated in two subjects, “strategic management” and “social psychology” global talent competition in the spring of 2019, and obtained the certificates.

another outstanding student cadre, zhang beibei, is a grade 2018 graduate student in industrial engineering and management at sem. as a probationary member of the communist party of china (cpc), she is now the president of sempa. she is active in work, full of pioneering spirit, and can play a leading role as a backbone. she is fair in handling affairs, has strong principles, and achieves good results within her scope of responsibility. during her tenure, she organizes various academic, rights-related and recreational activities which enrich the types of sempa activities; strengthens communication and cooperation with other schools; actively coordinates and cooperates issues under the arrangements of the school, the university youth league committee and the university graduate student union. she always bears in mind sempa’s mission of “serve students, promote members, and develop oneself”, strictly disciplines herself, unites the cadres of the association, and strives to make the association a close link between the school and students.

youth will be colorful after tempering; life will be sublimated after striving. warm congratulations to the union, sempa as well as the student cadres for the excellent results obtained. hope that the organizations and cadres can cherish the honor, be modest and prudent, make persistent efforts, and create new achievements. hope that all students will follow their example and accumulate steadily.