welcome 2021 freshmen to join our family-凯发游戏

 welcome 2021 freshmen to join our family-凯发游戏
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welcome 2021 freshmen to join our family

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on the afternoon of september 5th, party secretary wang bin, executive dean guo qiang, and deputy secretary yang hongyi of the school of economics and management visited the freshmen's dormitory and visited the freshmen. undergraduate freshman counselors zhang xianling and mo daiyu, and postgraduate freshman counselors ren yongchang and lu jingru went together.

in the process of visiting the freshman dormitory of undergraduate students and postgraduate students, party secretary wang bin talked about some expectations for the new students. he hoped that the students will always take learning as the first priority, and at the same time strengthen exercise, keep fit, and more importantly, have good health. executive dean guo qiang mentioned that the study and life in university is very different from in high school. he hoped everyone can adapt to university life as soon as possible, participate more in school activities, and complete their studies with a sunny and confident attitude. in the study and life, the students must not only learn knowledge, but also understand the society, contact enterprises, improve abilities, be brave to innovate, and return to the society. he looked forward to students becoming the pride of our school. party deputy secretary yang hongyi also pointed out that students must do a good job in university planning and grasp the precious four years of university.

during the visit, the leaders of our school visited the two freshmen with disabilities, gave them encouragement, and praised their spirit of continuous striving for self-improvement. the leaders care about every detail of their dormitory, and urge the counselors and students to help them more. hope they would have better development in our big family.