class federation-凯发游戏

 class federation-凯发游戏
class federation
instructor:zhang xianling,tel:028-87602887;student in charge:zhu haoteng,mobile phone:13072844737

class federation is a student organization that acts as an information exchange platform for undergraduate students of school of economics and management (sem) and manages affairs of the class. it aims at developing the classes into advanced class and outstanding class, strengthening class and study atmosphere, and advocating students' self-management and self-service, so as to promote undergraduate class construction. since its establishment in march 2009, the organization has formulated the sem class management system with historical and guiding significance to regulate class construction of the school.


the federation now sets up general affairs department, work-study department and academic department, including one chairman, two vice-chairmen, one minister and three vice-ministers (in each department), and several members. freshman class monitor, life secretary, study secretary automatically joins general affairs department, work-study department and academic department respectively. the functions of departments of class federation are as follows:

general affairs department: sem advanced & outstanding class campaign related affairs; establishment and standardization of management system of each class; arrangement for freshman class committee training; establishes the working system of class federation, formulates the standards as well as relevant assessment system and supervises the implementation; establishes a two-way and efficient information collection mechanism and a platform such as an e-mail box designed to collect students’ opinions; archives maintenance; organizes “class general mobilization” fun sports meeting.

work-study department: sorts out and files the information of students who have are working for school and who have the intention; arranges work-study posts and submits them to the supervisor for approval; arranges specific persons to carry out necessary training for work-study students; checks and assesses in-service work-study students' work and make adjustment if necessary; plans and organizes "work-study star" selection activity.

academic department: information collection and notification of school lectures; collection and sorting of students’ lecture reports; course selection system training for new students; gpa calculation training; training on relevant rules of scholarship evaluation; training on class management system of yang hua quality network (an official website of swjtu office of student affairs); material collection, arrangement and editing of story of class federation; technical support for common computer software.