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 chen youzhen-凯发游戏
chen youzhen

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chen youzhen





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associate   professor

£ph.d. supervisor þmaster’s supervisor

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southwest   jiaotong university

academic engagement



[1] chen youzhen,   zhuang qixue. research on supply chain management of photovoltaic industry   based on lean logistics. logistics technology, 2019, 38(06): 99-103.

[2] wu dong, chen   youzhen. research on the circulation of homesteads in china's rural areas.   northern economic and trade, 2017, (12): 60-62.

[3] chen youzhen,   duan longlong, qin jiajia: inland free trade zone construction: an inevitable   choice for china to deepen economic system reform. theoretical perspectives,   2015.

[4] chen xiangyu,   chen youzhen. problems and countermeasures in the process of natural resource   assets management in china. international conference on applied social   science, 2014, 53(3): 379-383.

[5] chen youzhen,   duan longlong. the institutional shift of economic geography: flexible   production space and institutional thickness. tianfu new theory, 2014, 2:   70-74.

[6] chen youzhen,   duan longlong. the compact ecological city: a new concept of city's   sustainable development. proceedings of the international conference on management   innovation, intelligent technology and economic development, 2012, 7: 9-13.

[7] chen youzhen,   duan longlong. from garden city to smart growth: the evolution and management   of new urbanism. proceedings of the international conference on public   management: crisis management in the time of changing world, 2012, 8: 9-13.


[1] study on growth   drivers of high-tech smes in sichuan province--taking biomedical and software   industry as an example. key project of 11th five-year plan of philosophy and   social science in sichuan province.

[2] research on   employment intention, employment choice and social support network of land-lost   farmers in chengdu. the 11th five-year plan of philosophy and social sciences   of sichuan province and the research project of deng xiaoping theory research   center of chengdu.

[3] research on the   system and mechanism of orderly promotion of citizenization of migrant   agricultural population. national social   science foundation of china.


[1] editor-in-chief:   public relations. tsinghua university, 2018.

[2] uniqueness:   resource management of service vendors and consumers' happiness--research on happiness   economics. southwest jiaotong   university, 2011.

[3] participated: china's   public resources issues: theory and policy research. science, 2011.

professional engagement


[1] board member of   sichuan taxation association.

[2] consulting   service in chengdu rec today media technology co., ltd.

course name


international   business english


international   business english