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xu li





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associate   professor

£ph.d. supervisor rmaster’s supervisor

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sichuan   university

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[1] xu li, hu   haiyan. venture capital, r&d input and technological innovation in   chengdu city——an empirical study based on var model. resource development and   market, 2019, 35(09): 1126-1132.

[2] xu li, you   zilei. empirical study on fiscal expenditure on science and technology and   economic growth in tibet. journal of tibet university for nationalities   (philosophy and society science edition), 2018, 39(04): 94-99.

[3] xu li, lu tingyu.   empirical study on relationship between fdi technology spillover of total   factor productivity of logistics industry in guangdong. logistics technology,   2017, 36(02): 71-74.


[1] sichuan cultural   products trade competitiveness research. social sciences planning project in sichuan   province (project no.: sc14b117). november 2014-november 2016.

[2] feasibility study   of big data application in constructing sichuan cultural product information   service platform. sichuan province philosophy and social sciences key research base project. january 2015-december 2015.

[3] big data   application in sichuan cultural and artistic product service platform   development and demonstration. demonstration project pf sichuan science and technology   department. january 2015.1-december 2016.

[4] the impact of   venture capital on innovation behavior and performance of smes in chengdu.   soft science research project of chengdu science and technology bureau   (project no.: 2015-rk00-00210-zf). august 2016-july 2017.

professional engagement


[1] independent   director of chengdu yajing pharmaceutical technology co., ltd.

[2] consulting   service in sichuan weston management co., ltd.

course name


development economics