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li qiang

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southwest   jiaotong university





[1] zhang longguan, liu suimei, li kaifu, xu jin,   wang shengnan, li qiang, mei yuanyuan, li caihong, yang bing. prediction of   shield construction risks in subway tunnelling based on fault tree and   bayesian network. modern tunnel technology, 2021, 58(05): 21-29 55.

[2] wang shengnan, li qiang. the correct way to   open bim in construction progress management. project management review,   2018, (03): 62-63.

[3] li qiang, jiang yushi. the comparison and   analysis about the development of elderly-oriented real estate and the   proposal about development of the elderly-oriented real estate in chengdu. journal   of chengdu university, 2016, 2: 39-47.

[4] li qiang, luo yexiao, pang yiming.   evolutionary analysis of rent-seeking behavior under agent   construction system based on prospect theory. journal of shenzhen university   science and engineering, 2016, 33(2): 173-179.

[5] li qiang, li ke. general equilibrium analysis   of the enterprise system efficiency and entrepreneurship based transaction   costs in globalization conditions. journal of finance and economics, 2015, 9:   4-17.

[6] li qiang, ni zhihua, li qianqian. study on   the evolution of division of labor, labor subcontracting and industrial agglomeration.   statistics and decision making, 2011, 9: 68-70.

[7] ren xinxin, li qiang, wu zhenye. the decision   support system of staff promotion based on fuzzy neural network. journal of   southwest jiaotong university, 2006, 41(2): 245-249.


[1] "seeing   in the fog" vs. "being there": a study on the impact of ota   destination advertising on consumer attention. national natural science   foundation of china. 2022-2024.

[2] the   fourteenth five-year plan for national economic and social development of   science and technology zone. sichuan zhongke rongchuang technology. december   2020-december 2022.

[3] research   on real-time intelligent control technology of shield posture based on   artificial intelligence and big data analysis. china railway engineering   services co., ltd. november 2019-december 2020.

[4] research   on intelligent tunneling method of shield machine based on big data and deep   learning (shenyang area). china railway engineering services co., ltd. december   2018-december 2019.

[5] research   on transformation strategy of county local platform companies: taking yanting   urban investment as an example. project source: yanting urban investment   development co., ltd. (project no.: 2017h01620). september 2017-december   2017. principle investigator: li qiang.

[6] strategic   positioning plan for jinniu rail transit collaborative innovation industry   cluster. project source: jiulidi sub-district office, jinniu district   people's government, chengdu (project no.: 2017h01840). july 2017-august   2017. principle investigator: li qiang.

[7] the   research of the development situation and strategy about chengdu pension   estate marketing. chengdu academy of social sciences. may 2014-august 2015. principle   investigator: li qiang.

[8] the   research of exhibition program management of chengdu.  sichuan education department. january 2013-december   2013.

[9] the   research report of railway application software industry in chengdu high-tech   zone. the software promotion office of chengdu high-tech zone. january 2011-december   2011. principle investigator: li qiang.


[1] the industrial internet platform   of “shield machine”—the digital transformation road of china railway service   co., ltd. 2020

[2] the road of wuliangye - ganyibe   marketing channels under the new normal situation. 2015.

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engineering cost planning and   control


quality   and reliability management