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engineering management
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southwest   jiaotong university

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[1] dong dayong,   fan ziying, li xusheng. "forgetting effect" in the impact of   forecast on official financial report market. shanghai finance, 2019, (01):   24-30.

[2] yue zhao,   xusheng li, qiang lv, et al. measuring, modelling and optimising an embedded   rail track. applied acoustics, 2017, 116: 70-81.

[3] li xusheng,   chen xin. profit model of urban rail transit: reviews and ideas. journal of   chongqing jiaotong university (social sciences edition, in chinese), 2014,   14(5): 17-20.

[4] li xusheng, shi   chaofeng, liu jiang. study on gray network scheduling model with probability   distribution. world sci-tech r&d (in chinese), 2013, 35(2): 279-283.

[5] li xusheng, shi   chaofeng, wen liu. study on gray network scheduling model with interval gray   number. journal of engineering studies (in chinese), 2013, 5 (3): 302-308.

[6] li xusheng,   chen xin, shi chaofeng. research of developers behavior based on evolutionary   game theory in developing ecological buildings. resource development and   market (in chinese), 2013, 29(2): 1254-1256.


[1] research on the   secrecy process of national defense technology in military-civil integration   enterprises. project source: chengdu lixin new technology technology co.,   ltd. (project no.: wr111021h02008). march 2021-january 2022. principle   investigator: li xusheng.

[2] research   on self-organization perspective construction waste reduction system the   synergy mechanism and evolution mode. national natural science foundation of   china (project no.: 71573216). january 2016-december 2019. principle   investigator: yuan hongping, investigator: li xusheng.

[3] research   on theory and method of dynamic lattice-order decision. national natural   science foundation of china (project no.: 71071102). january 2011-december   2013. principle investigator: guo chunxiang, investigator: li xusheng.

[4] research   on stochastic lattice-order decision. national natural science foundation of   china (project no.: 70771093). january 2008-december 2010. principle   investigator: guo yaohuang, investigator: li xusheng.


[1] the   effects of urban rail transit on residential price: a case study of chengdu   metro line 3. sciencepaper online, 2018.

[2] homebuyers'   preference and house price based on spatial heterogeneity analysis.   sciencepaper online, 2018.

[3] research   on behavior intentions of using utility tunnel for utility tunnel ppp   projects. sciencepaper online, 2018.

[4] the   value for money quantitative assessment of ppp projects based on the   uncertainty analysis. sciencepaper online, 2017.

professional engagement


[1] sichuan   bid evaluation expert.

[2] registered   consulting engineer.

[3] sustained   consulting service for engineering companies.

course name


rail transit construction   management


project   procurement and contract management