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 su zhaoguo-凯发游戏
engineering management
su zhaoguo

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su zhaoguo





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assistant professor

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southwest jiaotong university

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[1] chen xiaoyang, su zhaoguo, xu bo. the research of   specific human capital investment hold-up based on vertical integration of   interest and equity incentive. journal of southwest jiaotong university   (social sciences), 2013, 14(2): 31-36.

[2] li xin, su zhaoguo, shi benshan. study on spatial   agglomeration of china’s industrial production enterprises based on location   choice. studies in science of science, 2010, 28(4): 549-557 534.

[3] su zhaoguo, shi benshan. hotelling’s   competition based on regional effect and agglomerate effect. journal of   systems and management, 2009, 18(1): 67-71.


[1] microeconomics   textbook and supporting materials. southwest jiaotong university education   and training program. january 2022-december 2022. investigator.

[2] textbook of   managerial economics. southwest jiaotong university teaching reform project.   january 2022-december 2022. investigator.

[3] research report   on comprehensive utilization of solid waste in panxi. chengdu jingxin   department. july 2021-may 2022. investigator.

[4] research on the construction and law exploration of dynamic passenger   relationship network based on comprehensive traffic data, humanities and   social sciences research planning fund of the ministry of education. july   2021-december2023.

[5] research on the quantitative economics of high-speed   railway. central ministries and commissions project   (project no.: 2019s280005). april 2019-june 2020.

[6] research on construction   management system mechanism and intelligent construction technology for   high-quality development of railway construction in the new era. china   national railway group. august 2019-december 2020. investigator.

[7] research on   technology roadmap of glass fiber and composite material industry in chengdu   advanced materials industrial park. chengdu science and technology project. september   2018- january 2020. investigator.

[8] sichuan cultural construction   consultation of lijiu law firm. project source: sichuan lijiu law firm   (project no.: 2018h010258). june 2018-january 2019. principle investigator:   su zhaoguo.

[9] sichuan lijiu law   firm culture building consultation. sichuan lijiu law firm. 2018. principle   investigator: su zhaoguo.

[10] research of   hold-up about multi investors in finance project. research fund for the   central universities (project no.: swjtu11br026). july 2011-july 2013. principle   investigator: su zhaoguo.

[11] culture   construction consulting of sichuan lijiu law firm (project no.: 2018h010258).   firm consulting. 2018. principle investigator: su zhaoguo.


[1] management statistics. higher education press, 2016.

[2] industrial economics-the key part and core driving force of the   implementation of the belt and road initiative. southwest jiaotong university   press, 2017.

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[1] sustained   consulting service in sichuan lijiu lawyer office.

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