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 wang jianhong-凯发游戏
wang jianhong

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wang jianhong





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assistant professor

£ph.d.   supervisor rmaster’s supervisor

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kansai   university, japan

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[1] yang zhang, jianhong wang, yeping zhong. environment   cost management theory. communication of finance and accounting, 2010, 485(3):   118-120.

[2] jianhong wang. issuing b-shares and raising   foreign capital of china’s companies. the senriyama syogaku, 2007, (64): 1-23.

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[1] on ipo and   stock price formation in dual listed corporation of china, research fund for   the ishii memorial securities promotion. 2005. principle investigation.

[2] investors' confidence   on the impact of asset pricing research.  national natural science foundation of china   (project no.: 70971110). 2010-2012. investigator.

[3] liquidity, liquidity   risk measures effectiveness research–based on the perspective of asset   pricing. humanities and social sciences project of the ministry of education   (project no.: 09yja790169). 2010-2012. investigator.


[1] new orient: the team   reconstruction caused by departure tide. china management case-sharing   center, 2019.

[2] counterattack under   the help of barbarians——cs bank's path to reform. china management   case-sharing center, 2018.

[3] the business trip of   hefengmeiyi. china management case-sharing center, 2017.

[4] pfizer china ge:   crossroads, where to go. china management case-sharing center, 2017.

[5] pfizer china ge:   crossroads, where to go? china management case-sharing center, 2017.

[6] it’s not a dream for   rebirthing and soaring: the reforming road of developing strategy of the   first pe. china management case-sharing center, 2016.

[7] the talent management   defence battle of nsfocus. china management case-sharing center, 2015.

[8] the battle of talent   management of nsfocus. china management case-sharing center, 2015.


[1] second   prize of teaching achievements of southwest jiaotong university,” serial   development and teaching practice of mba teaching cases”, fan llili, wang   jianhong, yu jiang, 2016.12.




[1] sustained consulting service in china   international securities co., ltd.

course name


monetary   finance

financial management