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 wu fengyun-凯发游戏
wu fengyun

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wu fengyun





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associate professor

£ph.d. supervisor rmaster’s supervisor

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sichuan   university

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[1] lili fu, liyuan   pan, fengyun wu. does passive investment have a positive governance effect?   evidence from index funds ownership and corporate innovation. international   review of economics & finance, 2021, 75: 524-545.

[2] yu shen, kehan   zhu, fengyun wu, et al. the stock investment performance of pension funds in   china. emerging markets finance and trade, 2020, 56(12): 2732-2748.

[3] jun wang,   zhilong xie, fengyun wu, et al. effect of digitalized rumor clarification on   stock markets. emerging markets finance and trade, 2019, 55(2): 450-474.

[4] lili fu,   fengyun wu. culture and enterprise rent-seeking: evidence from native place   networks among officials in china. emerging markets finance and trade, 2019,   55(6): 1388-1404.

[5] yu shen, ling zhao,   fengyun wu. deeply mark of mother school on innovation: evidence from alumni   networks and patent applications. china industrial economics, 2017, (08):   156-173.

[6] jingmei zhao, yu   shen, fengyun wu. natural disasters and human rights and stock prices.   journal of management science, 2014, 4: 19-34.


[1] the corporate   governance effect of "transformation between officials and   businesses" in the capital market. humanities and social sciences   project of the ministry of education (project no.: wq111020j01001). march   2020-march 2025. principle investigator.

[2] an empirical   study on the impact of "government-business identity change" on   corporate governance in the capital market. ministry of education. september   2020-september 2023. investigator.

[3] research on   anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing in free trade area of   china under the scope of risk. national social science foundation of china (project   no.: 16xgj001). 2016-2019. investigator.

[4] on the   fundamental relationships between culture and finance. humanities and social   sciences project of the ministry of education (project no.:   10yjc790278). september 2010-december 2013. principle   investigator.

course name


securities   investment


the theory and practice of china's economic   development


securities   investment analysis

investment theory and practice