jing yongchun-凯发游戏

 jing yongchun-凯发游戏
innovation entrepreneurship and management
jing yongchun

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jing yongchun





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assistant professor

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sichuan   university

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[1] yongchun jing, ting   yang, chunyong tang. high-skilled talent team construction policy supply and   demand adaptation deviation and correction: taking sichuan province as an   example. china human resource development, 2020, 37(01): 127-142.

[2] qi zhang, yu chen,   yongchun jing. how do developmental human resource management improve   employee engagement: the importance of role balance. journal of southwest   jiaotong university (social science edition), 2020, 21(01): 130-140.

[3] tang chunyong,   liu dongran, jing yongchun. employee demand dimension construction in the new   environment--big data analysis based on employee network online comment.   management modernization, 2018, 38(06): 106-110.

[4] tang chunyong,   li yali, jing yongchun. human resource management of high-tech enterprises   under multidimensional innovation new direction of practice. human resource   management review, 2017, (01): 29-36.

[5] yongchun jing,   yuyan luo, peiyu ren, et al. management evaluation of enterprise system based   on management entropy theory. international conference of information science   and management engineering, 2013.

[6] yongchun jing.   research on the reconstruction of state-owned enterprise group. soft science   research, 2010, (01): 105-110.


[1] construction of   harmonious labor relations in wenjiang district: current situation   evaluation, strategic planning and implementation evaluation. human resources   and social security bureau of wenjiang district. 2018-2019. investigator.

[2] research on the   13th five-year plan for the development of high-skilled talents in xindu   district, chengdu. employment service administration of xindu district,   chengdu (project no.: 2017h01495). july 2017-august 2017. principle   investigator: jing yongchun.

[3] research on the   connotation, structure and multi-path impact mechanism of developmental human   resource management on employee engagement. nsfc project. 2016-2019. investigator.

[4] research on the   policy of health information exchange and sharing in sichuan province for   hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. sichuan humanities and social sciences   planning research project. 2016. investigator

[5] research on technology innovation mechanism of small and   medium sized enterprises in chengdu city. science and technology bureau of   chengduc (project no.: sq024232220020269). january 2013-december 2014. principle   investigator.


[1] beijing   tongrentang health wine (chengdu) co., ltd., strategic adjustment? china   management case-sharing center, 2014.


[1] compensation   management. the posts and telecommunications press, 2018.


[1] direct   student team attend “creative youth” match and win 3rd award, 2018.

[2] direct   student team “enactus jiaoda” attend the national match and win golden medal,   2018.

[3] direct   student team “enactus jiaoda” attend the national match and win golden medal,   2017.

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communication   essentials