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 hu shu -凯发游戏
information system and operation management
hu shu

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hu shu





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assistant   professor

£ph.d.   supervisor  £master’s supervisor

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sun   yat-sen university

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[1] jiaru   bai, shu hu, luyi gui, kut c. so, zujun ma. optimal subsidy schemes and   budget allocations for government-subsidized trade-in programs. production   and operations management, 2021, 30(8): 2689-2706.

[2] shu   hu, ke fu, tong wu. the role of consumer behavior and power structures in   coping with shoddy goods. transportation research part e: logistics and   transportation review, 2021, 155-102482.

[3] shu hu, zujun ma, jiuh-biing   sheu. optimal prices and trade-in rebates for successive-generation products   with strategic consumers and limited trade-in duration. transportation   research part e: logistics and transportation review, 2019, 123: 92-107.

[4] zu-jun ma, shu hu, ying dai,   yusen ye. pay-as-you-throw versus recycling fund system in a supply chain   with alliance recycling. international transactions in operational research,   2018, 25: 1811-1829.

[5] shu hu, ying dai, zujun ma,   yusen ye.designing   contracts for a reverse supply chain with strategic recycling behavior.   international journal of production economics 2016, 180: 16-24.


[1] research on the trade-in   strategies of manufacturing enterprises and government when facing   heterogeneous consumers. national natural science foundation of china youth   science program (project no.: 71901197). january 2020-december 2022.   principle investigator: shu hu.

[2] study on trade-in decision   under monopoly/competition/government regulation environment. postdoctoral   science foundation (project no.: 2020m683146). january 2021-december 2022.   principle investigator: shu hu.