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 chen ruoran-凯发游戏
information system and operation management
chen ruoran

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chen ruoran





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assistant   professor

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tsinghua university

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[1] ruoran chen, susan f. lu,   lauren xioayuan lu, et al. why do women struggle to climb the corporate   ladder? evidence from retail frontline managers. under revision at management   science, 2021.

[2] david chen, ruoran chen, rowan   wang, xuan wang. optimal control of service systems with heterogeneous servers   and priority customers. r&r at management science, 2021.

[3] xin jiang, ruoran chen,   hongwei zhu. recent progress in wearable tactile sensors combined with   algorithms based on machine learning and signal processing. apl materials,   2021, 9(3): 30906.

[4] chi, ruoran chen, simin   huang. multi-state system modeling and reliability assessment for groups of   high-speed train wheels. reliability engineering & system safety, 2020, 202:   107026.

[5] songtao li, ruoran chen, lijian   yang, et al. predictive modeling of consumer color preference: using retail   data and merchandise images. journal of forecasting, 2020, 39(8): 1305–1323.

[6] ruoran chen, simin huang.   asymmetric wheat auctions with resale and partially divisible bidding   objects. operations research letters, 2017, 45(6): 610–615.

[7] ruoran chen, tianhu deng,   simin huang. optimal crude oil procurement under fluctuating price in an oil   refinery. european journal of operational research. 2015, 245(2): 438–445.


[1] research on auction mechanism in procurement management   of agricultural product processing enterprises. china postdoctoral science   foundation project (project no.: 2019m650751). 2019-2021.  principal investigator.

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