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 ding yue-凯发游戏
information system and operation management
ding yue

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ding yue





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[1] ronghua luo,   jiakun jiang, wei lan, chengliang yan, yue ding. a multi-step procedure to   determine the number of factors in large approximate factor models.   communications in statistics-theory and methods, 2021, 50(17): 3988-3999.

[2] he ping, lan   wei, ding yue. is the chinese stock market predictable?——an evidence based on   the combination lasso-logistic model. statistical research, 2021, 38(05):   82-96.

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[8] ding yue, dong li, fei ren. cio role-positioning   issue under different cio structural power. china journal of information   systems (in chinese), 2014, (13): 12-21.

[9] ding yue, dong   li, fei ren. cio’s various roles model in development processes of key   business management systems of enterprise. commercial research, 2014, (10): 112-122.


[1] research on data-driven cross-project   knowledge transfer methods: a knowledge mapping and migration learning   perspective. national natural science foundation of china. january 2022-december   2025. principle investigator.

[2] research on the   influence mechanism of social media advertising effects: based on network   relationships analysis of intensity and audience personality traits. national   science fund for distinguished young scholar (project no. p111019g02001).   january 2019-december 2021. principle investigator.

[3] weak power   situation and the construction of cio leadership in china: an analysis of   institutional factors and coping strategies. national science fund for   distinguished young scholars (project no.: 2017g01107). january 2018-december   2020. principle investigator.

[4] research on   equity crowdfunding interaction and investor transfer value under information   asymmetry: based on psychological contract theory. national science fund for   distinguished young scholars (project no.: 2017g01108). january 2018-december   2020. investigator.

[5] research on   chinese cio leadership with the status of low structural power: problem identification   and coping strategy. sichuan humanities and social sciences planning research project (project no.: 16yjc630018).   2016-2018.   principle investigator.

[6] research on   dynamic pricing strategy considering tactic consumers under comprehensive   perspectives of price, inventory and time. natural science foundation of   china (project no.: 71572154), 2015-2019. investigator.

[7] testing   covariates in high dimensional linear regression with latent factors.   research fund for the central universities (project no.: 268swjtu15wbr01). may   2015-may 2016. reference no. principle investigator.

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applied statistics


multivariate   statistical analysis