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 feng lin-凯发游戏
information system and operation management
feng lin

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feng lin






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associate   professor

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tianjin   university

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[14] jian wang, lin feng, shukai li. adaptive synchronization   between two delayed complex networks with derivative coupling and   non-identical nodes. ieee international conference on information and   automation, 2011, 135-140.


[1] products from the perspective of social   learning research on innovation and pricing strategy. national natural   science foundation of china general program (project no.: p111020g02004).   january 2021-december 2024. principle investigator.

[2] research on equity crowdfunding interaction   and investor transfer value under information asymmetry: based on   psychological contract theory. national science fund for distinguished young   scholars (project no.: 2017g01108). january 2018-december 2020. investigator.

[3] regional comprehensive science and technology   services engineering application integration technology research. national   program on key research project (project no.: 2018g140046). december   2017-november 2020. investigator.

[4] research on online   retail electronic product recycling and resale strategy under o2o model. national natural science foundation of china of   general program (project no.: 71672153). january 2017- december 2020. principle   investigator.

[5] cooperative decision-making   research on queuing system under sensitive demand of service level. national natural science foundation of china of   general program (project no.: 71671146). january 2017-december 2020. principle   investigator.

[6] shipment   consolidation, pricing and advertising strategy for fresh agricultural products   under uncertainty. national natural science foundation of china (project no.: 71601162). january 2017-december 2019. principle   investigator.

[7] agricultural supply chain   structure and coordination with price and yield uncertainty: the role of ngo aid.   national natural science foundation of china (project no.: 71501160). january 2016-december 2018.   investigator.

course name


operations   research


modeling   and optimization of logistics system

modeling   and optimization of engineering system


research   frontier of management engineering