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information system and operation management
li congcong

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assistant   professor

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phd 2018

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sichuan   university

university   of granada, spain

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[1] congcong li, yuan gao,   yucheng dong. managing ignorance elements and personalized individual   semantics under incomplete linguistic distribution context in group decision   making. group decision and negotiation, 2021, 30(1): 97-118.

[2] hengjie zhang, sihai zhao,   gang kou, congcong li, yucheng dong, francisco herrera. an overview on   feedback mechanisms with minimum adjustment or cost in consensus reaching in   group decision making: research paradigms and challenges. information fusion,   2020, 60: 65-79.

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[6] li congcong, rodriguez rosa   m, martinez luis, dong yucheng, herrera francisco. personalized individual   semantics based on consistency in hesitatn linguistic group decision making   with comparative linguistic expressions. knowledge-based systems, 2018,   (145): 156-165.

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[13] li congcong, dong yucheng.   multi-attribute group decision making methods with proportional 2-tuple   linguistic assessments and weights. international journal of computational   intelligence systems, 2014, 7(4): 758-770.


[1] research on the evolutionary model and application of group preference   based on personalized semantics. national science fund for distinguished   young scholars (project no.: 2019g010068). january 2020-december 2022. principle   investigator.

[2] research on model and application of preference evolution and   relationship manipulation in group decision. national natural science   foundation of china (project no.: 71871149). january 2019-december 2022. investigator.

[3] research on dynamic model, strategy optimization and application of public   opinion guidance process. national natural science foundation of china   (project no.: 71571124). january 2016-december 2019. investigator.

[4] research on group decision model and application based on language   individuality. national natural science foundation of china (project no.:   71171160). january 2012-december 2015. investigator.

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