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associate professor

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southwest   jiaotong university

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[6] geng lihui, tingjui chou. how ale and bale   impact upon satisfaction and word-of-mouth behavior: an empirical study into   product consumptions. nankai business review, 2007, 10(3): 35-42.


[1] research on the   influence mechanism of consumption emotion on satisfaction and brand loyalty in   online gift promotion. humanities and social sciences project of the ministry   of education (project no. 2018s090027). november 2018-july 2022. principle   investigator.

[2] how consumption   emotions impact upon consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty in online   premium promotion context. humanities and social sciences foundation of the   ministry of education of china (project no.: 18xja63000). august 2018.8-july   2021. principle investigator.

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[2] consumer   psychology. south western university of finance and economics press, 2003.

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internet   marketing