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 wang yifan-凯发游戏
wang yifan

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wang yifan





academic post

assistant professor

£ph.d. supervisor rmaster’s supervisor

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graduation school

école centrale   lille, france

academic engagement



[1] wang yifan,   mcgowan pauric. fostering technology entrepreneur’s career choice: an   empirical study amongst chinese university students. annual conference of   institute for small business and entrepreneurship, 2018.

[2] wang yifan,   mcgowan pauric. effects of project-based activities on the entrepreneurial   career choice of set students: a follow-up study in china. high tech small   firm conference on knowledge intensive entrepreneurship, 2018.

[3] wang yifan.   influence of project activities and students’ associations on the   professional orientation of engineering students. 4th global entrepreneurship   and innovation conference, 2017.

[4] wang   yifan, verzat caroline. generalist or specific studies for engineering   entrepreneurs? comparison of french engineering students' trajectories in two   different curricula. journal of small business and enterprise development,   2011, 18(2): 366–383.


[1] jiejiang   county "fourteenth five-year plan" preparation project. horizontal   subject. march 2021-december 2021. investigator.

[2] pingan securities big data listed company   network graph database and deeply mining stock price change correlation   project. project source: guangzhou haijie computer technology co., ltd.   (project no.: 2018h010171). june 2017-october 2017. principle investigator.

[3] pingan securities artificial intelligence   cooperation project. project source: guangzhou haijie computer technology   co., ltd. (project no.: none). june 2017. principle investigator.

[4] puyi standard - bank financial ability data   analysis project, 2016.12-2017.9, principal investigator.

[5] an empirical study of the   influence of entrepreneurial mentors' guiding behaviors on entrepreneurial   performance in chinese context. nssfc project (project   no.: 16cgl006). june 2016-june 2019. principle investigator.

[6] research   on integrated learning model of network targeted advertising accurate   communication under the background of big data. nsfc project (project no.: 71572156). january 2016-december 2018. principle   investigator.

[7] research   on the measurement, composition and consumption characteristics of china's   emerging middle class in the transition period. nsfc project (project no.: 20130184120018).   january 2015-december 2017. principle investigator.

professional engagement


[1] consulting service in sichuan tianfu bank.

[2] consulting service in chengdu shanghua electric   co., ltd.

course name


consumer behavior research

communication essentials


leadership   and career